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Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

FORUS - France

FORUS, France Punk, Euro Punk
Band : Forus
Genre : Skatecore / Punk / Progressive
About : Forus are working on new tunes!

Repeat after me: "We are free."
The band has released a demo, "Start From Zero" (2005), an EP "Aaron’s Revolution" (2009), a split CD "Coalition" (2010) with over 5000 copies combined (Bells On Records). With the upcoming release of "We", Forus takes their first steps in Japan, Europe, USA.
After spending a few months developing their live show at home, they are ready to hit the road: Drive 'til we're empty, play 'til we can't, party 'til we sleep, and sleep 'til we wake -- Only to do it all again..
Skatecore / Punk / Progressive

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