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Minggu, 16 November 2014

Mynameis ( jakarta )

West Jakarta's pride and joy, MynameiS, has been belting 'em out since 1996... But really take a serious vision on 2003... Their catchy brand of punk is an infectious blend of pop and punk rock, lyrically tackling an array of love, moral, soul and personal politics...
Mynameis is taking it a bit easier these days while geetar fanny runs his own shop label and the other guys do whatever it is the other guys do... Guitarist Ryan, more commonly referred to as Lango, spends his free time working with papers and pen for his fields in Psychology... Igun busy with anything he wants to busy with

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08561358779 (nanda).

For : Cassete/CD/Merch/etc.
Contact :
085695515398 (Buzz'em Cloth)
02192247435 (Norden Cloth)

Muhammad Gunawan (Bass)

Ade Hardiansah (Drum)

Fanny Budiman (Lead Guitar)

Nurhadi (Vocal)

also check our endorsment shop :
at : Jalan Mindi Raya Blok O No. 40 kel. Tugu Utara Kec. Koja - Jakarta Utara

MynameiS Family's (MyFams) :


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