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Kamis, 20 November 2014

Remember of Today ( jakarta )

  • Genre
    Pop Punk
  • Anggota Band
    -@Eben_ROT (Vocals)
    -Hudant Ranandra @hudantranandra -InstaGram- (Bass and Vocal)
    -@ipool_ROT (Drum)
    -@geci_ROT (Guitar)
    -@Iezman_ROT (Guitar)
    CP: 0817767336 Twitter @ROT_Official
  • Kota Asal
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Label Rekaman
  • Deskripsi Singkat
    From JAKARTA.ID ! | FOR BOOKING: 0817767336 | Twitter @ROT_Official | REVERBNATION: Remember Of Today
  • Bio
    Remember Of Today is a band that was made in the middle of 2010. Good creativity and initiate was the reason why we made the band.
    Broadly speaking, Remember Of Today is more into the pop punk genre, and because of this same type of music it brought us this far to continue our journey.

    It brought us this far to continue our journey
    he theme of our lyrics are about life, love, and the things that we, each members face in life. We put our feelings into the lyrics that we made so that other people could relate to it.

    From the first time the band was made, we all committed that no matter what happened we still have to learn from our past life.
    And we have to appreciate every second, minute, and hour that we, each members go through and make that every moment an important treasure in our life

    Because of togetherness, friendship, and our sympathy towards other, we can be like this.

    From the beginning that this band was made, we didn't really expect popularity. And because of the excitement and supports from our friends, we can always continue to work on our music.

    "Dont wait until tomorrow what we can do now" - ROT

    Samuel Eben Patrich - Get Mic Shure

    Subhan Hudant Ranandra - Mad Bass
    InstaGram : @hudantranandra

    You Say Pool - Kick Your Ass

    Geci Alpacino - Left Six Fuckin Strings

    Hery Isman - Right Six Strings


    REMEMBER OF TODAY is Proudly Supported/Sponsored By :

    - Norden Cloth
    - Something Cloth
    - Gishline Apparel


    Web :
    InstaGram: @rememberoftoday_
  • Pengaruh
    SUM 41, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Panic At The Disco

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